Last week I had a heart to heart with the bubble busters in our world and you and I talked about how to handle those individuals…

And this brought up another important topic for me.

We’re surrounded by the naysayers and joy thieves and we’ve become accustomed to a world that very much subscribes to the “misery loves company” philosophy of life.

Whole entire relationships, friendships, and even businesses are built around the connection we get when we hate the same things.  When we commiserate about the same woes.  Did you know there is even a dating app that connects people romantically based on their dislikes?

Negativity is an industry and a way of life. Seriously, watch a few television ads; listen in on any given conversation as you are going about your day…it is everywhere.

It is the norm to bond with strangers over bad weather, terrible traffic and high prices.  We can all agree that we hate standing in line, can’t stand slow waiters, and the retail industry staff is not what it used to be. “These rude kids these days!!!”

But wait…

What happens when you’re not a complainer?  What happens if you wake up loving life, feeling joyful, and appreciating all of the moments?

What if you can appreciate the beauty of a rainy day, find Joy in standing in line and getting some time to slow down, and take the opportunity to have a conversation with the cashier, maybe the only real eye contact they’ve had all day?

What if you say hello, with a genuine smile on your face, to a stranger passing by?

What if you choose JOY?

What happens to those connections then? Because in a society where misery loves company, I’ll tell you one thing…misery is REALLY uncomfortable with joyful company.  They don’t know what to do with us.

SO they turn on us…we must be naïve, dreamers, flighty, out of touch with reality.  We are “lucky” (ask me about my feelings on that awful word one of these days), and don’t really know what it’s like to have a tough life.  We are spoiled, privileged, CRAZY.

And then the bubble busters show up, because we can’t possibly be happy all the time, we can’t possibly find the good in everything, so they’re going to have to prove us wrong. They’re going to have to poke holes in our JOY and show us the way the real world works.

Or worse yet, we’re made to feel GUILTY for our JOY.  When they’re suffering so much, how DARE we be happy?  They had a terrible commute home, how DARE we enjoy our time in our car with the music on and windows down? We should be ashamed of ourselves for feeling JOY when the world is in such a state.

Therefore, sometimes we downplay our Joy. We hide our happy. We compromise who we truly are in order to not seem so out of place.

I’m here to tell you to stop that.  Stop that right now.  DO NOT HIDE YOUR HAPPY.

Do not downplay your JOY.

DO NOT compromise who you are.

The world needs more JOY, it needs all the happy we can muster, and even if they don’t want to admit it, misery needs our company. Our joyful, optimistic, bubble blowing company.

The next time someone makes you feel as if your JOY is too loud, remind yourself that JOY is also contagious, so perhaps it is a bit loud and rambunctious, but that’s how it spreads, so don’t hold back. Let it out. Sprinkle that JOY everywhere.

Misery may think it doesn’t want to invite JOY to its company party, but JOY is a party crasher and by the end of the night, even misery won’t be able to resist.

Try it…watch what happens.

And on the rare occasion that your JOY causes someone to remove themselves from your life because it is too much for them to handle…well…that’s probably not a bad thing, is it?

Go, be JOY-FILLED, be contagious, infect the heck out of everyone with your JOY.

I’ll be doing a FB LIVE in my FB Group Find Your Joy tonight (Thursday, July 27th) at 9PM EST to dig into this juicy topic further. I hope you’ll join us!!