Are you a bubble popper?

Picture this:

It’s a gorgeous sunny day, you’re hanging out outside, and the cutest little kid is blowing soap bubbles with his mom.  The bubbles float over to you, and the kid is excitedly shouting “Look, look, aren’t they pretty?”

What do you do?

Do you sit atop your unicorn, letting the bubbles float on by, admiring the way the light hits the soap to create a kaleidoscopic rainbow?

Do you reach over and extend your hand, waiting to see if the bubble will land softly on your palm?

Or do you poke each and every bubble as it floats by, taking great joy our of making those spheres disappear and the little kid cry?

And what about in the rest of your daily life?

Do you take great joy out of bursting people’s metaphorical bubbles?

Several times today I came across bubble bursters on my Facebook feed. People who, for whatever reason, take great pains to comment on someone’s Facebook post with the most contrarian comment they can find.

I have a few bubble bursters in my life.  These folks, who rarely comment on anything in my life, hardly ever push that like button, are the first ones to comment to point out a mistake I make in a post.  To point out an opposing experience to a good one I have had.  To remind me that the life I live, the one where I CHOOSE JOY, is flawed.  That I am flawed.

I’m calling them bubble bursters, but truly, Joy thieves might be more appropriate.  I have chosen to see joy and love first. I have decided that life has enough darkness; I’m focusing on the light.

I’m blowing soap bubbles and admiring the pretty rainbows.

And I’m curious about the bubble bursters.

I’m curious about why it is that they choose, time and again, to poke away at Joy.

I’m curious not because I’m afraid they will succeed in stealing my Joy.  They can’t, only I have control over my own Joy.

I’m curious because I wonder if they realize what they are stealing from themselves.

I’d just like to caution that when you spend your life bursting bubbles, the biggest victim of your Joy thieving is YOU.

Whenever I come across a Joy thief, someone hell bent on finding the negative to every situation, all I can think is how unfortunate for them that they are unable to see the beautiful colors in the soap bubbles.

So, if this is you, if you catch yourself identifying with the bubble burster…I urge you to take a step away from the bubble, try to see it with the wonder in that child’s eyes, and ask yourself “do I really want to burst that bubble? Will this serve me or anyone else? Or is my comment better suited to stay inside, unspoken and unwritten”.  Can you create a habit of not bursting the bubbles, so that perhaps, eventually, your default reaction will be to admire, to enjoy, and not to destroy?

Folks, unless we’re playing with bubble wrap, which, let’s be honest, is the only form of not only acceptable, but highly encouraged bubble popping…let’s all stop bursting bubbles all over the place.

Leave me, my unicorn, and my Joy alone, and I will be more than happy to help you find yours.

We’ll be chatting about how to deal with the bubble busters in our lives tonight at 9PM EST over at the Find Your Joy Facebook group.  Come on over and join us!

Photo Credit:
Alejandro Alvarez