Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat today’s topic.

Your resistance is stealing your joy.

Plain and simple, your determination to do things YOUR WAY and resist any information that doesn’t fit into your habits and pre-conditioned beliefs is keeping you STUCK.

You know how I know this?

Because I’m the most bull-head, opinionated, strong willed, stubborn person I have ever met.


And I wasted SO MUCH TIME being so sure about MY WAY that I completely lost my way.

I was so sure I had it all figured out.

I had all the answers, and if I didn’t, I KNEW how to research and find them MYSELF.

I didn’t need someone coming in and influencing me with their words, their thoughts, their ideas.

Until I did. Because I was stuck, I was buried under a mountain of stubborn beliefs and useless habits.

And so I humbled myself and I asked for help, for support, for advice and guidance.


OH boy did I resist. Because resistance was my default knee-jerk reaction.

So I pushed back. I reasoned. I explained. I analyzed.

We do this. It is a shield that protects us from feeling our feelings, from connecting with your true selves and our life’s mission.

We do it in small ways, and in huge life strangling ways.

Change is scary. Allowing our minds to accept an idea outside our normal scope of thought is downright terrifying.

Allowing our hearts to FEEL feelings we’ve been stuffing down for decades? Well, that might actually kill us. We can’t do that.

We can’t NOT do that.

STOP resisting the growth. Stop resisting the fear. Stop resisting the hurt.

On the other side of those things is expansion.

On the other side of those things is JOY. Unimaginable JOY and life and freedom.

First you have to do the work. First you have to take that wall down, brick by brick if necessary. Though bulldozing the hell out of that thing can feel pretty damn good sometimes.

It starts with recognizing the resistance. And then, letting it go. Just a tiny bit. Then a tiny bit more.

And then, allowing the Joy in.

Your resistance is stealing your opportunity to live your best life.

Let it go.

Find your Joy.

I’m always here to help you navigate that journey. I’d love nothing more than to walk beside you as you begin to remove those bricks. I’ve got some pretty awesome tools for taking walls apart.

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