As I sat down to write this post this week, I was overwhelmed with the emotions surrounding the senseless attack in Las Vegas.  It seems lately that every day, the moment we tune in to our chosen form of connection to the outside world; we are confronted with yet another terrible tragedy. So, I want to take a moment to acknowledge all of the lives lost, and all of those injured, and all of the families and friends affected by this terrible event.

It was with a heavy heart, filled with love and prayers for all involved in this latest event, that I attempted to compose something inspiring to share with you, my dear readers.

I’ll be honest…I tried for days and failed.

My heart was far too broken to make sense of our world, and for a bit of time, I needed to just sit with the grief and allow myself the space to process.

As I write this today, my heart is still broken for our world, yet I know there is work to do, and I know part of my work is in being a light bringer. So, this post will be slightly different from my usual fare. It’ll be perhaps a bit more personal and emotional. It’ll still be 100% real.

I’ve seen some chatter from folks who are understandably frustrated, angry, exhausted, and fed up, that sending “thoughts and prayers” is lip service that serves no purpose.

While I understand where they are coming from, I have to strongly disagree.

It is true that we must do more than pray and send love, it is true that there are actions that need to be taken, legislatively, environmentally, medically, and personally, in order to heal the wounds that are causing these natural and man-made disasters and attacks.

There is no question, you’ll get no argument from me.

We must do more.  When we can, however we can, we must use our voices and our votes to make sure those things we feel strongly for are being heard, challenged and changed.

We must get involved, wherever we are physically able, we must volunteer, step in, donate, take action.

Absolutely, we must.

But my friends, what we must NEVER do is stop sending prayers, love, light, and positive energy out into this world.

WE MUST NEVER lose hope.

And we must NEVER stop looking for, harnessing, and spreading Joy.

I have said this before, but I think it bears reminding at times like these: IT IS NOT SELFISH to be happy, to live fully, to embrace all that life has to offer.

When tragedy strikes, we can sometimes feel as if our lives are frivolous, our problems are insignificant, and our joys are insensitive.

I have been spending a bit of time reflecting on these thoughts this week. I have seen, heard, and read so many things that have made me wonder if we truly understand the power of our energy, individually and collectively.

When the world suffers such a deep, destructive wound, we serve NO PURPOSE if all we do is pile more negative energy on top of that.

If you cut your finger, do you then punish yourself by not cleaning the wound, perhaps throwing salt on top, and allowing it to get infected and spread to the rest of your body?

Or do you tend to the wound, clean it, treat it, and perhaps (if you’re anything like me) put a cartoon Band-Aid on it so that at least you can smile whenever you look down at it?

The thing is, the world needs more cartoon Band-Aids, and no, putting a Band-Aid over the wound won’t fix it, but it will protect it as it heals.

Your loving energy is that cartoon Band-Aid. Your loving energy allows the world to smile a bit despite the wound.

And you choosing Joy, choosing love, choosing to be a light doesn’t mean the problems of the world are unnoticed by you, it doesn’t mean you do not care…it just means you are focused on the healing, not the continued destruction of the energy.

When a tragedy happens, the world’s energy plummets, understandably so. It is our job as loving, caring souls, to help raise that vibration again.

Whatever your chosen method of prayer and connection is, USE THAT.

Take time to heal your own energy first, like that oxygen mask on the plane, first heal your heart, then fill it with Joy and Love, and then reach over and begin healing the person next to you.

I’m a strong believer that love will always win over hate, and that for all of the problems of the world, we DO have the solutions.

I don’t have all the answers (if only I did), but I do know this…we need more love, we need more joy and we need more positive souls infecting others with all of these things.

So yes, take whatever action you feel you must, politically, personally, collectively. Speak out, vote, rally.


IT is not selfish, it is absolutely necessary for our survival as a species.

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