The other day I posted a meme with the quote below on my personal Instagram page:

“When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it”. – Paulo Coelho

A friend commented that she wished she could agree with this statement, but the universe has most certainly not conspired to give her what she wants.  She added that she does have what she needs, so she is grateful.

I wanted to respond to her comment, but I wanted to be sure that I took the time to sit with my thoughts for a bit before I did so.

I told her I would probably expand on this topic in a blog post, so here we are.

I’ll use the word universe here since that is what the quote uses, but for each of us, that is represented differently, don’t let the word block you from the message: God, faith, the angels, all of the creator’s messengers and tools are at work here.

I want to address the sentiment behind her comment, which, I believe is a sentiment many of us experience at different points in our lives.

Stop me if any of these sound familiar:

“If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all”.

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

“I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop”.

“Things are going too well, something is bound to go wrong, things don’t ever go well for me”.

I could go on, but let’s not dwell.

The thing is, life can be difficult. And sometimes it really does feel like an uphill climb with no end in sight.

It can be easy to succumb to the belief that the whole world is against us, and nothing is ever truly going to go our way.

Even when life is actually going well, and we have everything we NEED, we are still caught up in noticing that we don’t have everything we want. And that, my friends, is when we miss the magic the universe is creating by giving us everything we need, and showing us that what we want may not actually be AT ALL what is best for us. OR that what we want will arrive, but not on our timeline…”In God’s time” as they say.

I can tell you from deeply personal place that I know how unfair that feels. For many years that “God’s timing” thing was like a slap in the face to me.God’s timing felt cruel.

Until it all came together and then it made perfectly imperfect sense.

As I sit here, I’m still in a place of telling the universe what it is that I want, and then letting patience take over as I wait for it to deliver.

BUT here’s the key piece of that quote that I think my friend missed. That I think WE ALL miss at times.

It didn’t say “tell the universe what you want and the universe will give it to you”.


That’s not how it works.

“All the universe conspires to help you achieve it”.

Let’s break that down:

ALL the universe




Achieve it.

If the universe hasn’t “given you” what you want…it might be time to take a deep look into what you’re missing in the big picture.

All the universe conspires.  The universe lines things up and sets them on your path. To help you. The people, the circumstances, the opportunities and even what we often call the obstacles. They show up.

To help you.

And then YOU need to pay attention. YOU need to be open and aware to the signs, to the work that must be done, to the growth and expansion necessary, to the journey you might have to take.

And then YOU can achieve it, YOU create this thing you want, you make it happen.

You energetically invite it in. You pray, you shift your language, you create space for it.

You prepare yourself to be in the right place, physically, emotionally, spiritually, for this thing you want to be a possibility.

All the universe is doing here, is offering you the tools. Sometimes, just a map to where the tools are hidden. Sometimes, just a nudge in the direction of the map.

The universe wants you to have what you want, but the universe can only provide what you are ready to receive.

And sometimes, with our own choices, we are working against the very thing we say we want.

“I want a better job” but we show up at work, grumpy every day, and never even open up job listings.

“I want a loving relationship”, but we spend our time miserable, complaining about how awful the pool of available mates is, and never really focusing our energy on loving ourselves first.

“I want my dreams to come true”, but we stop dreaming, we stop working toward those dreams, we accept that “This is just the way it is”.

All the universe conspires for our higher good. But we are given the freewill to make our own choices along the way.

This isn’t a genie in a bottle, granting three wishes. And don’t forget, even those always come with caveats and consequences.

Because nothing worth having comes without our participation and work.

We must listen. Pay attention. DO THE WORK.

I also believe that sometimes, what we think we want is not at all what is best for us, and in those times I also believe the universe tries to tell us along the way. To ask us “are you sure?”

And yes, there are times when things go wrong, when it seems as if no matter what we do, we can’t get ahead…Even then I still believe there are lessons to be learned, growth at our fingertips, opportunity for expansion…

There is so much more I want to say on this topic.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions, and even (perhaps especially) where you disagree…

I leave you with this thought today:

All the universe conspires to help you achieve it…

Are you doing your part?

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